Hilton cigarettes - born in "magnificence"

Hilton is a cigarette brand that was born in the consequence of combining pleasure and quality. This is a cig brand that belongs to the well-known cigarette producer American British Tobacco that wanted to produce a special cigarette, which would echo through the hearts of cigarette smokers. Hilton cigarette brand name began from the famous Hilton Family - owners of Hilton Hotels. It is well known that the Hilton family loves quality, class and of course luxury. These cigarettes are meant to be a rich blend of these entire things. A characteristic that they share with Hilton cigarettes.
British American Tobacco (BAT) was formed from the American Tobacco Company, founded by James "Buck" Duke and the British Imperial Tobacco Company. British American Tobacco was formed in 1928 when the two companies combined to give themselves the opportunity to trade outside of the US and the UK, which would make it a profitable venture for both companies involved. The company has large market shares in Asia, Latin America, Central Europe and Africa.
BAT markets their tobacco products in over 180 countries around the world with over 300 brands under their umbrella in a variety of flavors and styles. Hilton Cigarettes and many of their other products are also available from online retailers that offer the connivance of having your cigarettes delivered right to your door. They are involved in all forms of tobacco production "from seed to smoke". Meaning they oversee everything that happens from the growing of the tobacco, the making of the cigarettes and the shipping. They believe in corporate and social responsibility and strive hard to embody those ideals in their business dealings. They sponsor baseball teams and many other community events to share the rewards of their business.
The Kings are said to have a "golden" flavor for those that enjoy a bolder, more aromatic taste in their smoke. They are for the smoker who thinks things must last longer and be memorable. The Lights are said to have a more brilliant and bolder taste for those who are looking for more "light" and “uncolored brilliance” in their smoking practice and satisfaction.
Hilton cigarette are a remarkable brand that symbolizes luxury and splendor. These cigarettes are sold in two basic variations: magnificent “Hilton Kings”, for people who like to taste the “golden” flavor of cigarettes, for those who think that significant moments should last for a long time; and brilliant “Hilton Lights” that will find their smoker in persons who like living in “light” and uncolored “brilliance”. These two variations of Hilton cigarettes can be easily recognized by their package: “Hilton Kings” - the “Gold” and “Hilton Lights” - the “Brilliance”. Both styles are filtered. The varieties are separated by the colors of their boxes. The Kings are packaged in a gold-toned box and the Lights are in a brilliant Silver one. The distinct logo of triangles within triangles sits on the lower right hand corner of the package. The variety (Kings or Lights) is printed to the left of the logo. Both varieties are packaged in a hard, flip topped box.

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brian комментирует...

I have tried many cigarettes but none of the cigarette makes me feel like Hilton,It is a real cigarette with a real taste.


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